Laboratory equipment Nr.492 calibration data

Barley calibration data

Beans calibration data

Oats calibration data

Rapeseed calibration data

Rye calibration data

Triticale calibration data

Wheat calibration data

Field peas calibration data

SEC application limitations

Standard errors given (SEC) are calculated using latest year’s data. Data from previous years are stored for illustrative purposes – to see instrument long term stability, etc.

Standard error given is valid for normal grain and normal measuring conditions. It may differ if for example grain temperature is very different from room temperature, grain has too much impurities, grain is germinated or overdried, etc.

Standard error given is valid within parameter limits defined by instrument manufacturer. For example, if manufacturer stated that instrument is applicable only for grain below 16% moisture, then SEC is also calculated for this moisture range. Outside this range error may differ.