EiraNet Grain network is a complex administrative-technical solution, providing uniform operation of the grain analysers in the grain industry and grain trade companies. Technicaly it means, that every individual grain analyser is regularly controlled and adjusted according to Master Infratec via communication network. Master Infratec is controlled and adjusted according to well known standard methods. Our network uses cumulative adjustments technology. This means we always use all data sets, collected over years our network exists, for both adjustments – standardization and Master adjustment. This increases our network stability with every new harvest coming. At the moment there are 87 Infratec type instruments from FOSS Analytical A/S, 38 instruments from Perten Instruments and 14 Pfeuffer GmbH instruments in our network. We can include other instruments too, if they have similar performance, stability and communication possibilities. In Latvia Infratec type instruments are offered by SIA "Parico". Perten Instruments representative in Latvia is DomaGroup. Pfeuffer GmbH representative in Latvia is Baltic Invest SIA. Technically network is maintained by EIRA SIA or EIRA Ltd. Reference analyses for network adjustments are made by EiraLab SIA or EiraLab Ltd.